A business without a voice
is just a product.
Every business has a product.
Most businesses can survive with just a product. For anyone looking to do more than survive it is crucial to have the voice, clarity, and organization that comes with proper branding.
A good branding studio will make sure that no matter how chaotic your employee turnover, printed materials, social media accounts, marketing campaigns, product licensing, or overall public presence may be, that the true tone and mission of all your efforts will be constant and reliable. More importantly, your business will be remembered.

Here is a list of our services that might help you:
We believe that a quality branding studio must be relatable and that we must be adaptable in order to best help you so we can create a business relationship built for the long haul.
Being generous and focused on quality relationships is part of Aloha.
The qualities and lessons of Hawaii emphasize that to do well you must first do good by helping others. As you rise, so do we.
Contact us if your business could use some intention, not just attention.

We are confident in our ability to create powerful imagery and craft engaging messages to share your narrative and together reach the next level of success.

Our goal is to provide your business with more long-term value than the actual cost of our services. If we can ignite a fresh vision or renewed thrill for running your business, we will consider our work successful.
What We Do
What is

If you are at the stage of your business where being more than a product or service provider is important to you - it is probably time to consider branding services.


Lots of people confuse 'branding' with 'graphic design'. It is absolutely true that good graphic design is a huge asset for any business and many designers are available to do this for you. However, branding professionals use graphic design as just one tool of many to not just make your business look good, but to resonate with your customers.

Things that will help you

Visual Style Guide: A comprehensive document that defines your logo, colors, usage, and more to provide visual consistency across multiple channels.

Editorial Style Guide: Much like the Visual Style Guide but focusing on words and messaging to solidify the tone of the business across multiple channels.

Brand Identity: This is getting down to who you are, what your business is, and why you're doing it. We'll focus on business name, taglines, brand positioning, customer experience, and overall company vision.

How We Do It

Our featured portfolio business is Violet & Jack from upcountry Maui. They make the best plant-based nacho cheese ever. They are passionate about quality and being engaged with their customers and suppliers.










In the beginning, Violet & Jack was family-focused with a handmade brand aesthetic. They needed to upgrade their public presence in order to position themselves against large national competitors. They also needed their packaging to be as memorable as the insanely delicious food inside.

The Good Work

Logo: Created a logo that symbolizes Violet and Jackson (the owner's two young children) and keeps the family concept intact.

Product Name: Went from 'Nacho Cheese' to 'Nacho Cheesalicious' making the product more memorable, vibrant, and unique.














Messaging: COVID was a huge obstacle for this business who relied heavily on in-store sampling demos to inspire new customers. We created a new campaign featuring real people at the very moment of tasting the product with their OMG-type quote on the side. This helped maintain the product's ability to 'blow your mind' even if no one could actually sample in person.











Other Stuff: Product Packaging, Editorial (words), Website Strategy.

Hand Holding a Plant
How You Can Do It
Ideas &

We have dedicated our Instagram account as a resource for the small business community.


If you're ever in the need of some insights or inspiration for your business, it might do the trick. We like to highlight companies who are doing something unique or effective when it comes to quality branding and ideas.

You'll also find some conversation starters that could lead you down fun and exciting rabbit holes.

Please feel free to take a look and let us know what you think. It's made for you.

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We have trust in
the power of your story
and our ability to amplify it.