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You already have the fuel.
You just need a spark.

Not just attention.

Branding is very often misunderstood.

It's not just a color palette and a logo. It's not something that is simply repeated over and over again. It's not a social media account or a website. And it is definitely not marketing.

Branding is understanding your intention as a business and what your message is. This becomes your voice. The voice is what people resonate with - not products.

Once you find your voice, you then must find your position.

If you develop these two things as a business, your color palette, logo, repetition, accounts, website, marketing and more will suddenly carry more intention and purpose and connect with people more vividly.

We can help you with this process and then implement it with a complete makeover of your public presence. The graphic design, website building, campaigns, strategies - all of it.

If you have any questions or simply need a generous amount of complimentary insight or advice, just call or email. We're super happy to help. Keep in mind that Sparkfire Studios is located in Hawaii in the Hawaiian Time Zone (HST). It might make the timing a little tricky but it's worth it for all of the aloha.

Being generous and focused on quality relationships is the way.
We can help with your
image, message,
and business positioning
in your industry.
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